a SAP STORYTELLING a a - Eric Carino                Chief Storyteller, SAP Customer Experience (CX) Immerse your customer to what their world could look like with SAP
A Good Story to Encourage Customers to Act

"Eric is the master when it comes to strategy and telling stories that create an emotional connection with the audience. First hand, I know he has mentored many to do the same. Features and functions will only take you so far. A good story is what encourages customers to act."

Bjoern Ganzhorn
SVP, Global Head of Experience/Marketing, SAP
Making a Strong Impact in the Classroom

"You absolutely shined in front of our law students today! It was such a wonderful privilege that they have been given to learn about storytelling from an expert such as yourself. The feedback has been stellar! Our sincere thanks. We hope to see you again soon!"

Lynette Rands
Dean of Communications, BYU Law School
Making the Story Meaningful and Impactful

"Eric’s storytelling ability is remarkable. Eric has a way of eliciting the emotions of his audience making the story that much more meaningful and impactful. It is powerful!"

Amy Tomlinson
Head of Presales NA, SAP
Telling a Story That Elicits an Emotional Response

"Being able to tell a story that elicits an emotional response while driving home the need for the solutions that SAP sells to our customers, is an art form that is unique and hard to find. Eric Carino is a master of this art and has been able to work with our account team in a way that did just that."

Nicole Pisklo
Global Account Director, The Walt Disney Company
Storytelling Creativity

"Eric’s storytelling creativity – and his ability to lead an extended team to participate and “sell” a vision – are inspirational. It’s awesome to see these impactful stories be so well received by our customers over and over again!"

Matt Laukaitis
Executive VP, Global GM Consumer Industries, SAP
Storytelling as a Tool For Making Outcomes More of a Reality For Customers

"I’ve always known that storytelling is an important part of any sales pursuit because it makes the outcomes more of a reality to the customer. I’ve seen that taken to a whole new level by Eric Carino."

Maryann Abbajay
Chief Revenue Officer, SAP SuccessFactors
Connecting With the Hearts and Minds of Our Customers

"Eric truly raises the bar for excellence in connecting with the hearts and minds of our customers. …In true story-telling fashion, Eric’s engagements are impactful, memorable and compelling toward action. …not surprising, Eric has found a way to operationalize and do so, at scale."

Brian Kadin
Global General Manager, SAP Partnership – Intel
Bringing Compelling Narratives to Life

"Eric is a gifted storyteller with a true talent for bringing compelling narratives to life visually and viscerally. One only need look at the video stories he’s scripted and filmed for Starbucks, Disney and Zoom to see his incredible work."

Eric Stine
Chief Revenue Officer, Skillsoft (Former Head of SAP Customer Innovation Office)

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